Friday, May 1, 2015

Why I think "It's time to get that Summer Body!" is crap

It is May 1. The countdown to Summer has commenced.

At this moment, you have probably noticed the increase in the marketing of products and services directed to getting people ready for the Summer. It's time to work on that bikini body, didn't you know?

With all due respect, I find these posts and programs bullshit. If it works for you, then hey, who am I to say anything? We are all entitled to our own thoughts, opinions, and journeys. But this does not work for me. So I'm doing something about it. Yes, I am a bikini/figure competitor. Yes, I am a fitness model. I KNOW what it takes to have a bikini body. Which is the point of this post.

Let's be honest. You may have on a few extra pounds. You put your body through some extra good times during the last few months. If the motivation to jump on a Get Ready For Your Summer Body Program is to start taking care of it, by all means, DO IT! It is actually a great time to reset your body and get rid of anything that no longer serves you, physically or mentally. Our bodies are naturally made to work with the rhythm of the earth and the change of the seasons!

But don't just do it for that swimsuit body. Why? Because Summer will come and go. Does that mean that you'll revert back to your old ways when October rolls around? Only to shed it again when it is May again? Isn't this exhausting?

There is room for everything in life with awareness, understanding, and planning. There are ways to make our favourite foods a little healthier, or to indulge in the cupcake, cookie, or wine every once in a while too. Nutella anyone? With a spoon? Yep.

True weight loss and change in body composition takes more than a week long detox, starvation, or excess hours at the gym. It is a results of:
  • balanced hormones
  • self love
  • rest and sleep
  • mental health
  • stress management
  • metabolism
  • thyroid function
  • existing health issue(s)
  • genetics
  • lifestyle and habits
  • allergies and intolerances
  • body type
  • medication 
  • nutrition
  • exercise

I put nutrition and exercise last on this list. Not that they are not extremely important, but so I can point out all of the other important components too (I am probably missing some too). All of these contribute to optimal health. And you know what? Health doesn't care when it is Summer. Disease doesn't care when it is Summer.

When you switch your mindset to accept that this is a lifestyle, then that's when you can create new habits and make changes. When you have learned to love your body and treat it with respect, you start to give a shit about what you put on it, what you put in it, and what you do with it.

This was my two cents.

I am not just another personal trainer. I am not just another nutritionist. I am not just another girl who wants to look good in a bikini. I have had my inner demons. I have tried every fad diet, and killed myself at the gym to get my bikini body. Then I lost it. I got adrenal fatigue, I gained back 30 lbs, and the majority of that was pure fat packed on the spots that I had considered my trouble areas in the first place. I took one step forward, and ten backwards. I have fought my way back up. I have put my health first. I have put my athleticism first. And I literally changed my career and my lifestyle so I can share my story and make an impact.

Today, I am celebrating myself. I am loud and proud. I am happy with my body. I have confidence in my thoughts and opinions. I am a genuine girl that is making my passion my way of life, and I refuse to pay my bills at your expense. Maybe I wouldn't be struggling with my bills, but I choose integrity, honesty, and authenticity above all. The money will come. I became a health professional so I could be different than what is saturating the industry. I will not make my dollars by feeding your shame.

Today is May 1. Today is the day to prioritize your health. And whether or not your body reshapes and you lose a few pounds, well then good for you! Change your perception. Love your body, it will love you back. Let go of the negative thoughts. And if anyone, including your inner demons, shames you or humiliates you...{you know it's coming right? say it with me!} Bitch please, I'm Fabulous! #MyFabulousSelf

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this post enlightening. If not, well I feel better that I got it out there, and maybe somebody needed to read this and it will make an impact for him or her.

If you need some help working towards your goals and putting your self care first, you know where to find me. Stay tuned for my website relaunch, with all brand new services. For me

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine and extra Vitamin D!

With love and in health,