Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fitsanity Bootcamp and Seminar Series

Hi there! 
I know it's been a while since I've posted! I solemnly swear I've been up to a lot of good...stay tuned!

A few months ago, I started a campaign called My Fabulous Self Campaign. The idea behind this is very personal, but it is a topic that I feel strongly relates to us all. So I am on a mission, and bringing on friends for the ride! There will be more details to share, but for now, here is a brief description. 
‪#‎MyFabulousSelf‬ is a community that encourages authenticity, integrity, self-compassion and self-love. It encourages treating the self with respect through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. It embraces a judgement free environment where we stop imposing our opinions onto others; where we stop comparing ourselves to others; and where we embrace our dreams, our flaws, and celebrate our strengths. Own your authentic self, be proud, and be STRONG in mind, body and spirit. 
In the name of this campaign, I will be sharing stories from contributors. Additionally, I'll be hosting events online and in person through webinars, seminars, bootcamps, and more. The very first event has officially launched and I am so happy!

I've joined forces with a friend on a similar mission. Her name is Maria Chung, Performance Nutritionist, Strength Coach, Powerlifter, and Founder of StrengthAesthetics. The event we are collaborating on is called Fitsanity Bootcamp & Seminar Series
Our bootcamp & seminar series will:
- Challenge your physical and mental toughness
- Improve your strength, agility, and stamina
- Maximize your results with strategies you can implement immediately
- Expose nutrition myths and curb binges
- Effectively use your time both in and outside the gym

The first class will start Sunday October 4th and there are limited spots, so register ASAP! Those who invest in a 6-week program will receive a FREE gift bag full of goodies as a thank you for investing in your fitness and health. Please e-mail to sign up!

Thank you for supporting this initiative that I am so proud of. Follow the campaign on Instagram and Facebook under the handle @MyFabulousSelfCampaign. And stay tuned for upcoming blog posts via URL

In health and with love,