Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year! New me? No, thank you.

First of all, what IS a resolution?
Is it not a promise to oneself?
Is it not setting an intention?
Is it not the foundation of action?
Is is not the first step of goal setting?
What is so significant about January 1 that brings a rush of 'resolutions'?

January 1.
It ends a 365 day cycle.
It's a new day on the calendar.
It's a new year.
It's a 'fresh start'.
Is it really a fresh start?
No...not really.

Besides 'making resolutions', another common reality of January 1st is the many campaigns dedicated to 'New Year, New You.' People spend the holidays stuffing themselves with so much food, possibly gaining a couple of pounds, and then right after the holidays, there's an influx of people going on diets, getting gym memberships, and shaming themselves for their decisions. I hear it too often:

"January 1, I will go on a diet!" 
"I'll start going to the gym on January 1!"
"This is the year I will finally get fit!"

The thing is, it's not about going on a diet, popping weight loss pills, or going to the gym a few times. It's about making it a healthy lifestyle that is specific and realistic to one's goals. There is no need to binge throughout the holidays only to shame and deprive oneself in the new year. It's an unhealthy and extreme approach that doesn't necessarily set us up for success, in the short while or the long haul. 

So let's stop making short term resolutions without following through. Let's stop shaming our old selves and putting off taking care of ourselves until tomorrow. Let's be our authentic ourselves. Let's make S.M.A.R.T goals to better our todays and our tomorrows. 

Personally, I make goals all the time! My being here, writing right now, and everything I have accomplished and lived so far in my life is mostly as a result of my goals. Every day that I wake up is an opportunity to action out my goals. I make promises to myself all the time! It's what has allowed me to grow from my mistakes, learn from my failures, appreciate my flaws, and trust and love myself. It has taken a whole lot of promises and goals to get me to #MyFabulousSelf. I'm not going to 'make a new me' just because the calendar has changed. I want to be myself, with every flaw,  strength, memory, dream, failure, triumph. I want to continue growing into the athlete, trainer, nutritionist, health ambassador, writer, blogger, speaker, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, girlfriend, friend, and person I want to be.

Of course, I reflect back on my year, close some chapters, and write out the outline for new chapters. I am the author of my book, "The Book of Parastoo's Grand Adventure." Seriously, I literally have a book!
This beautiful scrapbook/journal was given to me by special people I'll always hold dear to my heart. If it weren't for past experiences, daydreams, and people who believed in me, there wouldn't be goals to action, and adventures to live, or a P2STRONG.

In 2014, I had goals:

  • changed careers by pursuing my passion 
  • went back to school (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) 
  • started a business
  • became a certified trainer
  • became a sponsored athlete #TeamHBC
  • committed to specific fitness goals
  • met dozens of like-minded passion people 
  • collaborated with many professionals in the field 
  • overcame challenges 
  • ...and much more. 

For 2015, I have goals:
  • become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)
  • relaunch and establish my holistic business 
  • kick ass in my first figure show #ProjectFigure #RippedPrincess 
  • contribute to existing projects, and build collaborations 
  • increase my time and financial freedom by fully embracing #TheFreedomProject 
  • continue building relationships and giving back to my loving supporters 

None of these goals can be achieved without specifics (intention, call to action, deadline) and require me to bring forward courage, optimism, gratitude, faith, and strength. To achieve my goals, I must bring my best self.

So my take home message with this post is: bring your fabulous self and do whatever you want to do, today. Every day, every moment, any place, any situation, is the perfect time for a change and a goal. Making authentic, specific promises are fantastic. But what's the point if it's forgotten or never realized? What is that important to begin with? Is it really about going on that detox, or is it treating ourselves better with love and respect? What is important to you? Why do you want to make a promise to yourself? What happens if you don't fulfill that promise?

Let's make a commitment to not to be this person:

I have my goals, my themes, my intentions, my call to actions, my vision board, and my calendar. Bring it on 2015, bring it on.

What are your goals?

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!