Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrating 27, and so much more!

Today is 12/13/14....and it's my 27th birthday!

It's been a great year, and great life. I'm living my dream and every day, getting one step closer to accomplishing my goals and checking off items off my bucket list. There have been hurdles and obstacles, obviously. But I'm still standing and growing, thanks to the love and support of incredible friends and family near and far. 

...and because of you, my lovely readers. This blog started a couple of years ago as a place for me to write out my thoughts and share some of my stories in my wellness journey. Never did I think that it would take this turn, and that I would have over 12,000 readers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

27 is going to be incredible. I know exactly what I want, and exactly what I have to do. I'm growing P2 STRONG services, wrapping up holistic nutrition school, preparing for my first figure show, and slowly but surely, taking over the world ;) Join me! Let's live joyfully and abundantly, celebrating our authentic selves, and sharing optimal health with everyone!

Speaking of sharing, I'm pleased to share with you my new services

Thank you for your continued support!

In health and with love,